First Responders

First Responders

Are you experiencing avoidance, hypervigilance, irritability, anger, frustration, lack of sleep, feeling to be in an ongoing loop?

As a First Responder, you have, or continue to respond to high stress, overwhelming, traumatic calls on a day-to day basis. You may be constantly in a negative, toxic, violent environment. All these stressors will compound on your mental health and well-being. At Quest, we can help in alleviating these symptoms. Whether you have been diagnosed or not, we can help.

Oliver has specialized in working with First Responders, notably those who have experienced work related trauma, and has extensive experience with those suffering from Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), anxiety, stress, and depression. He has experience in critical incident stress management, safeguarding, assessments, providing therapy privately and with WSIB all under direct supervision of a clinical psychologist. Oliver can assist with various insurance forms (ie. Manulife, Omers, etc.), WSIB applications, and is here to advocate for you and your well-being.

We have offices conveniently located in St. Catharines and Burlington for in-person therapy sessions.

He has worked with various services including:

  • Hamilton Police
  • Niagara Police
  • Halton Police
  • Peel Police
  • Toronto Police
  • Ontario Provincial Police
  • Hamilton Fire
  • Burlington Fire
  • St. Catharines Fire
  • Burlington Fire
  • Halton Paramedic Services
  • Burlington Paramedic Services
  • Niagara Paramedic Services
  • Niagara Corrections
  • Hamilton Corrections
  • Maplehurst Corrections
  • Military

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